Business and consumers are always under a thirst to receive innovative and/or interactive mediums to communicate. Mediums that can be both cheaper, yet beneficial to meet every type of communication need. Vox Suite provides all the latest modes, and mediums of communication within it.

Enterprises and SMB’s

With Vox Suite being an enterprise communication solution, the application benefits all types of companies by providing – multiple effective modes to communicate through. With all the various features and modes present in Vox Suite, enterprises, businesses, companies, etc. can profit largely by investing lesser on a more effective and profitable communication medium.

  • For companies that seek a way to gain higher productivity and output from their employees, Vox Suite is the ideal solution. Being an application that can be easily installed onto any mobile device or laptop, employees can be constantly connected to the company even when they are not present at their offices. This helps bring together a more profitable and highly beneficial output for enterprises and companies.
  • Vox Suite can also help enterprises and businesses to stay in touch with their customers that are located miles apart in other countries. Unlike other modes of communication where costs are a huge factor, Vox Suite runs on VoIP, and hence the communication is cheaper and easily within a company’s budget.
  • In either position, Vox Suite makes communication simpler yet diverse. Offering mobility as well, with Vox Suite communication is made more available, in any form whenever needed.

VoIP Providers

  • VoIP providers are always seeking ways to offer new and beneficial communication features to their customers. With users eager to have the maximum benefit provided to them at their figure tips, delivering the best, latest, and pocket friendliest communication solution is what differentiates a VoIP provider from the rest.
  • With Vox Suite, VoIP providers can make available - video calling, audio calling, instant messaging, conference calling, text messaging, and a lot more to their customers. This can not only be beneficial towards the present customers, but can also attract newer ones as well.
  • With Vox Suite, providers can now provide innovative, Over the Top (OTT) services to their customers. This helps them to exploit the biggest breakthrough in technology – the smartphones. Developing rich communication based apps that can create an entire new meaning towards communication and can be made readily available at lower cost to the consumer, can be seen as a breakthrough.

"Experience Innovative, Beneficial and Customized Rich VoIP Solution with Vox Suite"