The need to send and receive quick messages through a medium of devices has always been a much sort after requirement and with Vox Suites instant messaging facility that dream has come to become a reality. Instant messaging services over VoIP makes life that much simpler for everyday communication need as well as business communication too.

Irrelevant of the device, using the Vox Suite app communication over text can be done through a wide range of devices and can prove to be more effective when in need of a quick response. Instant messaging, like the name suggests is a quick way of communication via texting and can come in handy when a quick notice/message has to be sent out.

Uniqueness about Presence Information

Presence Information is one of the most advanced feature present in Vox Suite. The presence feature indicates to the user that, who among his contacts, and group are available to chat, and who all are at present busy as well, the various other details that are also provided by the presence information is status such as – available, busy, online, offline, idle etc.

These can prove to be a very helpful tool for enterprises who want to keep a tab on their employees and to make sure the job assigned to them are being done accurately. Keeping a tab on the work done is another way of improving the job efficiency and gathering stats to make a more effective work procedure and schedule as well.