Vox Suite contains a list of features that can be used to benefit – Enterprises, SMB’s, SME’s and even VoIP Providers. Catering to each industry’s specific needs, the Vox Suite application provides the perfect platform to support the growth and development within any business vertical. With the Vox Suite’s features list growing constantly, and newer ones being added on a regular bases, the users will always be up-to-date within the VoIP technology.

Call and Messaging Features

Some of the call and messaging features present in Vox Suite include,

  • Video Calling, Video to PSTN and Video Call Recording
  • Audio Calling & Conferencing
  • SIP-to-SIP & Application-to-Application IM
  • IP Telephony
  • Dialer to Dialer & Dialer to PSTN calling
  • SMS In & Out using HTTP Protocol, Group SMS-over HTTP

A separate set of features have also been optimized into the Vox Suite application, to deliver an advanced, and yet user friendly - user experience.

User Interface Features

The features that are related to the User Interface, include,

  • Balance Display & Address Book
  • Call Log, Caller ID
  • Call Hold, Call Transfer, Call Waiting, Call Parking, Call Forwarding
  • Call Barring, Call Mute, Music On Hold, Sequential and Parallel Calling
  • Call Recording Online/Offline

With each feature developed to ensure that every requirement of the user is met, the Vox Suite application provides maximum alternatives and features within the VoIP communication stream.