Communication plays a major role in Enterprises; the need to have an enterprise communication solution has always been a major requirement. Since the communication requirements of an enterprise varies based upon the motive (Conferencing, Data Sharing, Video Calling etc.), Vox Suite provides a vast list of communication mediums to choose from. Vox Suite is a budget friendly application that can be highly profitable to any enterprise by increasing productivity, and in turn bringing in revenue to the company.

Challenges faced by Enterprises

Even though there are various enterprise communication plans available in the market, the challenges and limitations that they come along with, are still a lot.

  • Cost: One of the biggest factors of concern that enterprises face, is the cost. Being an enterprise often means communicating globally to clients, customers, and employees at a very frequent level. With this being a major criteria, the amount that is spent over communication alone is way more than required.
  • Hardware: When enterprises do opt for the traditional VoIP as the mode of communication, they usually find themselves stuck in the process of purchasing additional hardware requirements such as – IP phones etc… which in turn increases the overall expenditure in communication.
  • Limited Access: Another huge challenge faced by enterprises is the limitation to communicate is limited accessibility. As IP phones require a physical connection to connect calls, the employees are restricted to make calls only within a certain area.
  • Employee Communication: Enterprises consist of a huge employee base within the office premises, and various other employees scattered across the globe. An effective medium to collaborate with those scattered employees simultaneously to achieve the business goals is a huge challenge.
  • Communication Quality: The quality of communication too is something that enterprises compromise upon. With deteriorated quality in terms of communication, majority of the times the communication turns out to be ineffective, and pointless.

How Vox Suite benefits?

We noticed that communication is one of the most crucial issues faced by an enterprise, the need to provide effective enterprise communication solutions within a healthy budget seemed almost predictable, but rather a much needed solution. Vox Suite has a solution for every kind of enterprise requirement pertaining to communication – Security, Customer Suite, Data Centre, Business Telephony, Live Video Calling, Audio Calling, Audio Conferencing, Group Messaging, File Sharing, Instant Messaging and much more. Offering so much within itself, the Vox Suite in-turn benefits Enterprises in numerous ways.

  • Low Price: Being a budget friendly application, Vox Suite can be easily afforded by any enterprise, business, or company. Since the source that is used to communicate is VoIP, enterprises receive a faster, and more adequate communication mode which charges minimal for local and international calls.
  • No Additional Requirements: Enterprises need not worry about purchasing additional hardware or software based product to communicate. The Vox suite application within itself contains all the requirements, and hence is a one-time investment.
  • Mobility: Because it is an application that can be easily installed onto any device, the Vox Suite application adds mobility to its user, which is an added advantage. Employees can communicate more freely, attend meetings through an audio conference with other colleagues present across the globe.
  • Employee Productivity: Capable of running on any given mobile phone, the Vox Suite application helps improve the overall productivity of the staff. Whether from the office or from a remote location, employees can always stay in touch with other staff or clients which in turn increases their productivity.
  • Security & Reliability: One of the most important factors in enterprise communication is the security and privacy. Unlike traditional phones, the Vox Suite is one of the most secured and advanced communication applications. Containing a data history of all the calls made, and across every level within an enterprise (employees), the administration can keep a tab on all the interactions that occur within their enterprise.

With so much to offer Vox Suite can boast itself as being a one stop solution for Enterprises seeking a better, and budget friendly Communication Solution.

“Vox Suite provides the best solutions in terms of Enterprise Communication”