The Audio Calling feature connects calls over the internet, hence since VoIP is the source for connection, the clarity that is received by the end customers is remarkably high. Even though clarity is seen as a huge advantage, the better clarity with Vox Suite is only one phase of the advantage. Since VoIP calls runs on the internet, and since internet is widely used by everyone as well, connectivity cannot post to be a problem at all.

What we Offer in Audio Calling?

Another added advantage over the audio calling option, is the fact that the Vox Suite even permits a three way call to take place. Using the benefits of VoIP – Vox Suite has taken it a step further and made 3 way calls possible. Hence conversations can be even more effective and informative as multiple people can converge in a single call simultaneously.

This adds more benefits, and even saves money as the rates when compared to other service providers are much cheaper. This is an added cost effective advantage to everyone looking to gain profit through Vox Suite.

One of the biggest advantage for the users, is the fact that calls can even be made to PSTN’s (Landline phones) as well. Calls aren’t only limited to phones that have internet but calls can also be connected to landlines at any part of the world. This is a huge bonus as other communication suites don’t provide this facility.